Advice about substance misuse following Mutiny festival May 2018

Following the tragic events at Mutiny festival over the weekend, there have been reports of a ‘high strength or bad batch substance.’ Following this, people who have bought drugs may have concerns over what they’re actually in possession of.

If you have any substances left over from Mutiny festival:

  • do not take any left-over substances.
  • dispose of any substances safely.

Remember, without testing you cannot tell what is in it. It would be best to dispose of these rather than take them. It is not always known what chemicals are present in new psychoactive substances, also known as legal highs.

The only way to stay completely safe is not to use substances.

If you or someone you know becomes unwell as a result of something they have taken, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

The first priority of the emergency services will be to make sure you and your friends are safe.

If you have concerns or would like to seek support for substance use please contact Gail Lennan at Portsmouth City Council’s drug and substance misuse service on 023 9268 8450.

Alternatively, you can contact FRANK for advice: